What is the difference between Artisanal cheese and mass produced cheese?

Cheese is a fermented food derived from the milk of various mammals. Since people began to domesticate milk-producing animals, they have known about the predisposition of milk to separate.  As milk sours, it breaks down into curds, lumps of phosphoprotein, and whey, a watery, grey fluid that contains lactose, minerals, vitamins, and traces of fat.

Industrial cheesemakers pasteurize milk from cows confined in barns, have computer-controlled operations, use large machines to quickly expel whey from the cheese curd, vacuum-package the product, and ship it out as quickly as practical to avoid tying up their storage facilities. They are mass produced using heavy machines to speed up the production process which makes them available for the global market
An artisanal cheese is quite the opposite. These cheeses are made by hand with love and care using the traditional craftsmanship of a skilled cheesemaker proficient in the magical and historic art of turning fresh milk into cheese. Most artisan cheeses are aged and ripened to achieve optimum taste and texture. This maturation period is dependent on the cheese type and can range from just a few days to a number of years. As they mature the cheeses are carefully tended to ensure that they slowly mature to reach their peak. Only then will they be ready to enjoy. Artisanal cheeses are limited and harder to find due to limited workmanship

Many artisanal cheese producers do not vacuum-package cheese, instead using permeable wrapping that admits oxygen and lets bacteria survive longer. Most artisanal cheese is aged on wooden boards, which impart additional flavors.
  • An increasing trend of cooking with artisanal cheese is also becoming popular. It adds a new dimension of flavour to traditional dishes and enables many chefs to be even more creative with their recipes

  • A growing number of consumers who are more selective about their food choices prefer artisanal cheese

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