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We at Otito believe humans should form harmonic relationships with the natural environment. By doing so, Earth’s natural resources and ecosystems shall be preserved, thereby sustaining and meeting the needs of future generations. Let’s start with understanding the term ‘Sustainable food’. According to Nestle “Sustainable Food refers to food that is built on principles that further the ecological, social and economic values of a community as a whole.” A new wave of food producers have taken revolutionary steps in the way they source, create and package their foods. There is growing consciousness about where raw materials are sourced from (if not grown themselves), using processes where nutrition value is maintained and packaging the product. Brands are doing their best to provide healthy options while looking after the planet too. Otito is a movement to organize these brands that produce in small batches, maintain nutritional value and quality and also bring convenience to our lives while not compromising on our health.

Otito’s picks of the season:
1. La Folie

We all love our guilty pleasures. However, since the discovery of bean to bark brands like La Folie; our guilt has considerably reduced while the pleasures have amped up. La Folie sources it cacao beans locally and only uses natural ingredients to make its chocolates, The brand strives to make ‘Real Chocolate’ using all natural ingredients and organic cacao to retain the uniqueness and purity of taste that each single origin cacao provides. For their inclusion bars they pair and combine other natural ingredients such as organic cane sugar, black jaggery, natural freeze dried fruits, nuts and other herbs and spices sourced locally.
2. Natch

Dried Mango slices from Natch. Who would’ve thought something as simple as dried mango slices would make an excellent snack to binge on The ingredients used are completely natural, vegan & no artificial flavours added. We know that it is difficult to prioritize healthy food over busy lifestyles. That’s the reason why Natch helps simplify things with perfect serving sizes & high quality packaging to retain freshness.

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