Healthy living and clean eating starts with what you stock in your kitchen cabinets and we want to help make those decisions simpler for you. Inspired by the UN SDG (Sustainable Development Goals), we created a set of six values we believe that our food brands should embody to help in your day-to-day health transformation.  


Clean Labels

Otito aligns with brands that use simple, easily recognizable and natural ingredients with as little processing as possible. 

Stand Accountable

Otito supports brands with a transparent and traceable supply chain. This value promotes accountability of production and higher ethical standards. 

Champion Farmers

Otito is dedicated to cultivating a healthier world through organic food and farming. We support brands that work with local farmers and are transparent about their processes.  

Conscious Ingredients + Processes

Otito stands by brands that do good by their people and the planet whether that is through their commitment to sourcing the highest quality ingredients or using sustainable packaging. 

Minimize Waste

Otito upholds brands that focus on waste prevention through sustainable design that ensures that we aren’t adding more trash to landfills, incinerators or the ocean.

Pay It Forward

Otito aligns with brands that are invested in giving back either through a “buy-to-give” model or as financial donation.

The husband-wife duo of Parul and Nitin, with their diverse backgrounds and a common passion came together to give birth to Otito. Parul’s decade long experience of bringing brands together for the perfect user experience and her commitment to mindful consumption was perfectly suited for Nitin’s passion for solving human-centric and complex world problems through usable products and services.

We aim to create a community of brands with a common purpose and drive to bring a change in the world, no matter how small
Parul in her 10 years as a fashion entrepreneur and a pioneer in the offline fashion events field started and grew the Black Taxi brand as a unique channel for new and upcoming designers. Showing dominance through curated fashion properties in various Indian cities and abroad, Parul has been an inspiration for many other brands to follow suit. Today, she is continuing on her journey of helping brands succeed while making a difference through the adoption of sustainable fashion & lifestyle goods.

For us education is the most important pillar to help drive adoption of a sustainable lifestyle. A little nudge towards adoption is what we seek
Through his professional career of 20 years Nitin has been guided by a passion for designing with people in mind and how technology can transform businesses, industries and communities. Through a human-centred design lens, he has helped organizations build new businesses and capabilities, deliver new products and services, and established new ways of working.Most recently, he’s quit his job at McKinsey to reinvent his life and he intends to help people do the same through Otito.

Our Commitment

We are committed to thoughtfully curating brands that really care about what you and your family put in your body. Otito stands for clean products, transparent processes and above all, helping you transition to a simpler, more sustainable way of life.  

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